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Attractions in Babitonga Bay

All you need

Musse Brothers Station (Texaco)

This gas station is the third oldest in Brazil and its inauguration dates back to 1938, today it belongs to the Delta network and they restored it taking care of all the details to stay as it was in the beginning.

Cachaçaria São Francisco

Cachaçaria São Francisco is a place that you cannot miss, its owner Mr Ilizeu produces more than 30 types of liqueurs and Cachaças on a farm where Sugar Cane is cultivated, irrigated by water that comes from the Atlantic Forest, generating one of the best Cachaças from Santa Catarina.

The Largest Continuum of Atlantic Forest in the World
Santa Catarina - Paraná - São Paulo

One of the great and imposing forest massifs that Brazil has is the Atlantic Forest, as its name says, this forest reserve surrounds a good part of the Brazilian coast along the Atlantic Ocean, but we need to take care of it and in this magnificently prepared documentary by the Great Reserve Team of Atlantic forest.

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